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Imagine driving down the road listening to your favorite pop music station and an awesome song comes on the radio.  However, this song isn't like all the others.  It's not about some guy who loves some girl...... It's about quadratic equations!   Imagine you are at a party and the DJ throws on some song that goes with one of those viral dance crazes and everyone is dancing and singing along to a song about finding the area of a trapezoid!  Just think of what our society would be like if you turned on the tv to watch the Grammy Awards or the VMA's and your favorite pop artist was receiving an award for their song about chemical bonding or perhaps trigonometry.  This is what we aspire to here at Brainjamz.  Why do school and learning have to be something that you have to take time away from pop culture to do?  Why can't the two be blended together.  Increased  focus on standardized testing, school vouchers, online learning, etc. etc...... These are all nice ideas (or maybe not), but do any of them really have much impact on our educational system?  What we need is culture change.  What we need are leaders who make education a priority, not just by shifting money around but by believing education is as important as anything else in our society.