FUNdraisers!  Got a team, a school club or school event?  Need to reduce costs and raise some money??

FUNdraiser #2.....Comedy Show! Want an adult night out to enjoy some hilarious stand up comedy?  We will work with you to put together a great show where a portion of the proceeds can go toward your team or organization.   Professional Comedian Mark Chalifoux delivers his outlandish take on marriage and parenthood... along with rising comedic star the real OG (old guy) and Mark's 6th grade teacher Mr. T, whose take on life in Cincinnati will offend just about anyone from the tristate area!  

Call us or e-mail us to inquire about setting up a show   513-503-3930 or

Call us or e-mail us to inquire about setting up a show   513-503-3930 or


Just wanna buy one for yourself?  It's the most fun game there is!!!!  $29.99 for the game 

This is my page!!  Just a regular guy with two cool and totally unrelated  fundraising ideas!  As a parent I know how expensive our kids activities can be! 

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FUNdraiser #1.... The Fabulous Plunger Flipping Game!  The perfect game to pass the time between tournament games or just to have fun at home or at the team party!  Better than "cornhole," totally portable, fits in your baseball/soccer bag etc. 

Help us to sell this fun game.  Sell to friends, neighbors, family etc.  A percentage  of all sales will go to your team/school/organization.

Click the link to watch a short youtube video about the plunger flipping phenomenon!!